Parish Services

CANFP supports Faith Communities in sharing the good news of NFP!

Services available to all Churches:

  • Referral to NFP Professionals
  • Consultation and advice to assist you in building your NFP program and team
  • Resources for your Parish (Brochures, CDs. DVDs, Prayer Cards, etc)
  • Support and Information
  • Parish Visit—providing series of presentations and NFP instruction onsite at your parish—see parish visit below!

Additional Services available to our CANFP Parish Members:

  • Access to Parish Member Only sections of this website
  • Bulletin Announcements for your Church Bulletin
  • Prayers of the Faithful for use throughout the year
  • Downloadable Bulletin Insert Flyers
  • CANFP NEWS mailed to your parish four times a year
  • New Parish Members receive a welcome packet which includes 50 brochures for your parish, and a free CD

Parish NFP Week

Heighten appreciation in YOUR PARISH of NFP as a tool for living God’s Design for Love & Life!
CANFP offers a Parish NFP Week—or Day(s)! We visit your parish, and collaborate with you to provide services tailored to the needs of your community—or select from the menu of choices below!

  • Brief 3-5 minute talk at end of each Mass, with staffed resource table
  • Parish Wide Presentations open to all
  • In-Services for Leadership
  • Presentation to area clergy
  • Staff In-Service (office staff, catechetical/ministry leaders, teachers, pastoral council, etc)
  • Presentations at local high school/colleges
  • “Celebrating Family” potluck or picnic, supporting and building community among NFP couple
  • Presentation to local physicians/clinicians (CMA, or invitation to healthcare professionals in parish)
  • Beginning Class on NFP (local teacher/method—and/or CANFP can provide Intro to Creighton Model
  • Targeted Presentations to Specific Audiences such as
    • Youth Group
    • RCIA
    • Engaged Couples
    • Marriage Enrichment
    • Organizations such as K of C, CDA, etc
    • Adult Faith Formation
    • Young Adult group
    • College Students/Newman Clubs
    • Parents of Parish School/Parish Catechesis
    • Infertility/Pregnancy Loss Support Group
    • Respect Life Group
    • New Mom’s Group
    • Men’s Group
    • Infertility/Pregnancy Loss Support Group
    • NFP Teachers or Users
Success Strategies:
  • Schedule speaker for existing meeting: Make this the topic of regularly scheduled clergy deanery meeting, quarterly training for staff, weekly meeting of youth, etc, in addition to offering a special parish wide event
  • Inform/Invite neighboring parishes
  • Collaborate with other parishes within the region to share the speaker & expenses (eg: speaking/providing resource table at parish masses in one parish one weekend, another the next, and weekday presentations at both in the intervening days).
  • Preaching by priest at Mass on topic
  • Promote via bulletin, announcements, and social media for weeks or a month prior
  • Plan a dinner or picnic to support the NFP couples in the parish, with a presentation and fellowship (to affirm, and invite active participation in parish ministries, CANFP, or as NFP teacher/advocate, etc).

Request Parish NFP Week Handout from CANFP for more info!

“The Church’s teaching on marital sexuality is an invitation for men and women—-an invitation to let God be God, to receive the gift of God’s love and care, and to let this gift inform and transform us, so we may share that love with each other and with the world”.  USCCB Married Love & the Gift of Life