We invite YOU to join the California NFP Community!  And why wouldn’t you? Especially if you are:

  • NFP user (woman/couple or family)
  • Student (full time student: college, medical school, or seminary)
  • Advocate (not in position to use currently, but an advocate for, and supporter of NFP! )
  • NFP Professional (NFP Teachers, Clergy, Physicians, Nurses, and other Healthcare Professionals)
  • Church
  • Diocese
  • Medical Clinic (NFP only Medical Practice)
  • Organization (Group of NFP providers, or other Non-Profit Organization)
  • Hospital

We join together through CANFP to support each other, educate ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and those we serve, while working together to bring the good news of NFP to all corners of California!


Your CANFP Membership:

  • is your passport to becoming a member of the NFP community in California
  • unites you with others who share your insight into the importance of NFP for healthy women, healthy couples, healthy families, and a healthy society
  • makes everything CANFP has done, or will do, possible!
  • transforms great ideas into reality
  • means you are part of the solution
  • connects you with the latest and greatest NFP happenings throughout California, and in your own backyard
  • broadens your knowledge and appreciation of NFP


CANFP is enriched by a membership of varied perspectives and talents. We each have our favorite NFP method, our unique experience and vision, and our role to play in spreading the good news of NFP. Every member of CANFP is vital to our success. Like a symphony, if one of the instruments is absent, the end result is compromised.

What do you bring to the table? Perhaps you bring years of experience teaching NFP, or perhaps you are totally new to all this NFP stuff, and you bring a fresh perspective that will help us craft an effective message. Perhaps you are most excited about the many health benefits of NFP, and its potential for transforming women’s health care. Perhaps your NFP interest is deeply intertwined with your faith, and your understanding of God’s design for love and life.

Maybe you are overflowing with ideas you would like to bring to life through active involvement as a member of CANFP.

Or maybe you prefer to be a silent partner, expressing your support of the mission of CANFP through your annual membership donation.

We want what you bring! Welcome to CANFP!


You mean, besides the satisfaction of knowing you are building a culture of life in California? Well, for starters:

  • Community—you benefit from becoming part of the California NFP Family. Welcome!
  • Quarterly newsletter—you are inspired by original articles that enhance your NFP experience and increase your knowledge and appreciation of NFP, scientifically, medically, spiritually, and relationally. And by the way, this publication can be a vehicle for you to share your news and ideas as well! We love member contributions to CANFP NEWS! You can opt to receive by mail, email, or both.
  • Experts at your fingertips—-your fellow CANFP members include experts in all aspects of NFP. It’s a nice crowd to rub elbows with! We learn a lot from each other.CANFP members can submit questions to our experts through Ask the Expert.
  • Conferences—-as a member you will be notified of all the NFP happenings around the state, and even get a discount at statewide CANFP events!
  • Resources—-for starters, as a member you can access resources available only to CANFP members on this site. Of course, we provide many resources to the community at large, whether members or not, but we go that extra mile to serve our members!
  • CANFP Chat Community—Online private chat rooms avaialable only to CANFP Members.
  • Parish Rescources—We support all parishes, but we provide additional resources like bulletin announcements and flyers, and prayers of the faithful, to our parish members, and will send four copies of our quarterly CANFP NEWS to parish staff.
  • Referrals—if you are an NFP Professional, you can submit your listing in the online directory on this website. To NOT be listed in this directory is to miss out on a widely used resource by those seeking NFP services in California!
  • Professional Growth—-NFP Professionals will find many opportunities for professional growth as a CANFP member, through continuing education, active involvement, project management, and sharing of ideas and experiences.
  • Opportunities—-CANFP membership opens the door to many opportunities to contribute your talent and treasure. It takes diverse qualities to make this organization run smoothly: creative ideas, practical skills, business experience, financial planning, technical, marketing, event planning—-in addition to of course those with NFP expertise.

CANFP is supported through membership dues and donations. Every outreach effort, even each word on this page, is dependent upon the financial support of those who believe in our mission.

If not you, who?

CANFP is the voice of NFP in California. Make your voice count, with a membership in CANFP!