Agenda Conf Call 9-30-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting

Conference Call              Sept. 30, 2013            8:00pm-9:00pm                    

Call 1-888-296-6500 (guest code 846303)     Or   1-913-227-1219 (same guest code)
For those who have free long distance

8pm     Welcome / Roll Call

Opening Prayer                                                                                          Fr. Berg

Review / Revise / Adopt Minutes of August 26, 2013conference call board meeting

Review / Revise / Adopt Agenda  

1)      Fall Board Meeting

a) Thurs

i)        Schedule

ii)      Status report        

b)      Fri

i)        Schedule

ii) Msgr Tarantino

iii) agenda priorities

2) Website decisions

            a) access vs log in, and levels of access

3) Board Terms


5) Remaining 2013 Events

a) Oct. 5 Sheila presenting at LA Teachers Meeting

b) Oct. 10-11 SF Board Meeting and Outreach

c) Oct. 24-26 (set up Oct. 23) CMA Santa Barbara Meeting —exhibiting

d)  Nov. 9 SF Physician Conference

6) Announcements

9:00pm            Closing Prayer                                                                         Fr. Illo             

Next Meeting: Oct. 11, 2013