Agenda Conf Call 8-26-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting

Conference Call              August 26, 2013                    8:00pm-9:00pm                    

Call 1-888-296-6500 (guest code 846303)     Or   1-913-227-1219 (same guest code)
For those who have free long distance

8pm     Welcome / Roll Call

Opening Prayer                                                                                          Fr. Berg

Review / Revise / Adopt Minutes of July 29, 2013 conference call board meeting

Review / Revise / Adopt Agenda  

1)      Newsletter—current and next

2)      Website status

3)      Remaining 2013 Events

a.      Sept 27-28 (set up Sept. 26) Sacramento Ministry Days—Exhibiting and Dr. Marsh speaking

b.      Oct. 5 Sheila presenting at LA Teachers Meeting

c.       Oct. 10-11 SF Board Meeting and Outreach (Deacons and Parish Leaders?) see below

d.      Oct. 24-26 (set up Oct. 23) CMA Santa Barbara Meeting —exhibiting

e.        Nov. 9 SF Physician Conference

4)      Fall Board Meeting

a.      Agenda

b.      Outreach

5)      Announcements

9:00pm            Closing Prayer                                                                         Fr. Illo             

Next Meeting: Sept 30th, 2013