Meet the Team / Boards


Executive Director

Sheila St. John


Executive Board

Rev. Blaise R. Berg, STD     President  / Treasurer 

Gary Schuberg   Vice President

Mario Rizzo    Secretary

Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, DD

Edie Sickman


Advisory Board

Therese Maes, MA     Founding President

Lynn Keenan, MD     Immediate Past President

M. Suzanne Regul, MD

Rev. Larry Toschi, OSJ

Mary Davenport, MD

T. Murphy Goodwin, MD

Thank you to all those who have so generously served on the Boards of the California Association of Natural Family Planning, including:

CANFP Presidents

Therese T. Maes                   1993-1996

Sheila St. John                     1996-2001

Gregory Polito, MD, KM    2001-2010

Lynn Keenan, MD                 2010-2018

Fr. Blaise Berg, STD             2019-


Executive Board:
Therese T. Maes, Sheila St. John, Maureen Scagliotti, RN, Kathy Snodgrass,  Regina Corley,Barbara Regnier, Shirl Giacomi,  Carol Koppenjeffer, Deacon Allan Bohner, Lilia and Alejandro Morelos, Julie Sly, Mary Dausch, Jennifer Meade, Jesus De Luna, Valentina De Luna, Veronica Smallwood, Anita Lucketti, Howard Lucketti, Dr. Mary O’Neill, Dr. F.J. Milligan, Ellen Linbeck, Mary Champagne, Anna Viscomi, Rev. Mark Wagner, Dr. Mary Davenport, Dylan St. John, James Sweeney, Judy Wilmurt, Rev. Marcos Gonzalez, Winnie Neill, Bishop Allen Vigneron, Marcella Melendez, Fr. Gerald Coleman, Sister Michelle, OCD, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Fr. Blaise Berg, STD, Fr. Joseph Illo, Dr. Michel Accad, Dr. Lynn Keenan, Gary Schuberg, Fr. Mario Rizzo, Edie Sickman.

Advisory Board:
Rita Billeci, Reverend Gerald Coleman, Evelyn Eaton, PhD, Msgr. Charles Fortier, Gerald Hahn, CPA, Bishop Richard Garcia, Dr. Howard Herning,  Dr. M. Suzanne Regul,  Dr. T. Murphy Goodwin, Reverend Larry Toschi, OSJ, Reverend Mark Wagner, Dr. Dean Zweng, Dyana Zweng, James Sweeney, Dr. Mary Davenport, Anita Lucketti, Dr. Gregory Polito, Therese T. Maes, Dr. Lynn Keenan,