M. Suzanne Regul, MD

Dr. Suzanne Regul was announced as the recipient of the 2001 Calegari Award at the banquet of the statewide conference held at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. She was doubly honored to receive the award from a colleague, Dr. Howard Herning, the first Calegari Award honoree in 1993.

Dr. Regul

Dr. Suzanne Regul receives Calegari Award from Dr. Howard Herning.

Dr. Regul was personally acquainted with Fr. Calegari, and embodies in her professional and personal life the qualities honored by this award. Dr. Regul, an Obstetrician / Gynecologist, is one of the founders of the Center for Life, O’Connor Hospital, establishing her practice there in 1976, where she remained until her retirement in 1998. Both her marriage and career spanned the development of NFP from the Rhythm Method, to BBT, to the modern Sympto-Thermal and Ovulation Methods. While it is unusual to find physicians even familiar with NFP, Dr. Regul integrated it into her practice. She became trained as both an NFP Practitioner and a Medical Consultant, and in addition to providing services to her patients, she was always available to NFP Practitioners for consultation and support. Throughout her career, she has been a tireless advocate for NFP, giving talks and seminars in a variety of venues, including radio and TV.

Dr. Regul and Dr. Davenport

Dr. Suzanne Regul and Dr. Mary Davenport at 2001 CANFP Conference

She married her husband Tom in 1964, and together they reared four children: Lisa, Michelle, Suzie and Jonathan.

She has served on the Advisory Board of CANFP since the organization debuted in 1993. Her advice to CANFP Members is to never give up—to continue sharing the Good News of NFP with physicians, clergy, and couples, and to value the uniting of methods and shared values under the umbrella of CANFP.