Calegari Award

The Calegari Award is a special honor bestowed by CANFP to acknowledge significant contributions to Natural Family Planning in California. The first deserved recipient, Dr. Howard Herning, was honored at the inaugural CANFP Conference in 1993. At each statewide conference held since a new recipient has been so honored. In addition to honoring these recipients, in establishing this award CANFP also honors the significant contributions of Fr. Marc Calegari, for whom the award is named.

With so many who have contributed so much to NFP in California, from the early pioneers who introduced modern NFP, to those who paved the way in establishing programs where none existed, to the current advocates who have brought NFP into the 21st century in California, it is our desire in establishing and bestowing this award to honor ALL those who have labored tirelessly and selflessly to share the good news of California! We are inspired by the leadership and commitment of those we have named, and in honoring them, we honor all who have served faithfully so that all may know the benefits of NFP.