About Us

CANFP unites under one umbrella all those who use, teach, and advocate for NFP, and our members are our strongest resource: the physicians who provide authentic women’s healthcare, the Practitioners and Certified Teachers of all the natural methods instructing couples in its use, the couples who use NFP and reflect its values in their families and communities, the clergy providing the spiritual formation and context, and the churches, dioceses, hospitals, and prolife organizations who collaborate in providing access to these services throughout the state.


CANFP supports and unites users, providers and advocates of all methods of NFP, educating the community on the scientifically sound natural methods and their benefits.


The California Association of Natural Family Planning supports and unites users, providers and advocates of all methods of NFP, respecting differences in methodologies and focusing on common goals in a multi-cultural and non-sectarian context. CANFP educates the larger community on the relational, spiritual, social, economic, ecological, and the physical and psychological health benefits of NFP so that couples, physicians, clergy and all people of good will may understand fertility as a normal, healthy, life-giving process within the unitive bond of marriage.

CANFP advocates only natural methods of family planning because these methods respect and uphold the dignity of the human person and build strong marriages. They are sound health practices and are the only true methods of family planning in that they can be used to both achieve and avoid pregnancy, and do so by respecting the natural order of human sexuality. CANFP is accomplishing a truly magnificent thing: every woman and man, whether single or married, respecting nature’s gift of fertility and procreation; cherishing every child, whether born or unborn.

CANFP: Promoting sex that is 100% natural, sustainable and life-giving.