NFP Teacher Training Programs

Interested in being trained to teach NFP? CANFP is here to help you navigate the options. Below is information on natioanl NFP Teacher training programs.

Billings Ovulation Method


Ovulation Method

Eng / Spanish

$675 plus materials ($150) Scholarships available.

Virtual lectures plus online reading and assignments, spread over 20 weeks. In Person available by group request.  

Special courses for health professionals

Supervised practicum of 6-12 months. ($100)

Qualifications: Ideally, will have personal experience using and charting the BOM prior to entering Teacher Training Program, but not mandatory..

Couple to Couple League


Sympto Thermal

1-800-745-8252 x 3105

Eng / Span


Online/60 hours (9 months max) Supervised practicum in development

Qualifications: 6 months experience using method; completed or currently enrolled in course; CCL membership; access to computer/e-mail; agree with principles of CCL; teach as a married couple; agree to normally practice exclusive and continued breastfeeding; at least one parent must be present and available to children under 3 yrs.

Creighton Model

FertilityCare System

Pope Paul VI Institute

Ovulation Method



(Calif Program)Tuition/Materials: $3500 plus travel/R&B (est $1500)

In Person

13 Month: (8 day immersion followed by 6 month supervised practicum;then 6 day immersion followed by 6 month supervised practicum) Teaching min. 18 clients

Qualifications: BA, BS, or AA degree (or equivalent 2 years of college study); practice the CrM FertilityCare System; adhere to the AAFCP code of ethics


Family of the Americas


Ovulation Method


Eng / Span

$750 Ind/Couple

In person and correspondence

3 day weekend

Supervised for 3-6 months, must teach 6-12 cases

Marquette Model

Marquette University



Eng / Span

$2,100 ($5,300 if for college credit)

Online Only – via D2L; Requires MS Office 

Two semesters:Nine Modules per semester.

6-12 month supervision with preceptor

Qualifications: Healthcare Professional; BSN, ANP, DNP, MD, DO, PA


Sympto Pro

Sympto Thermal



$400 ($510 couple) online

approx $520 ($630 couple) in person plus est $400 materials

12-18 month supervised practicum

Qualifications: Sponsored by an agency, a current user or acceptor of NFP who has completed SymptoPro instruction program.