Agenda San Francisco 10-11-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting      October 11, 2013


SF Chancery

One Peter Yorke Way

San Francisco, CA

Sheila’s cell: 831-578-1912

  9 am          Opening Prayer and Welcome                           Fr. Berg

                    Review/Revise/Adopt Minutes of Sept 30, 2013 Conf Call Mtg.

 Review / Revise / Adopt Agenda

9:15            Membership Report

                              Current Membership / trends

                              Seminarian Memberships

                              Diocesan and Parish Membership


 9:45            Financial Report

                              2012 Tax Report

                              2013 Year To Date Report

                              2014 Planning


                                       Funding and Development

                                       ABC Fund


 10:30          Board Business

                              Current Members Terms

                                       Election of Officers

                              Outreach to new members

                                       Physician Member Response

                                       Executive Summary review

                                       Board member Responsibilities review

                              Board Calendar for 2014

                                        Board Meetings and Conference Calls

                                        Accompanying Outreach      


11:30          Reports on recent Events

                              Oct 10 Presentation to Parish Leadership

                              LA Teachers Mtg

                             Sac Ministry Days

                              National EE Mtg

                    Remaining Events for 2013

                              Whittier Dinner

                              CMA Exhibit / Santa Barbara Oct. 24-26 (set up Oct 23)

                              SF Healthcare Seminar Nov. 9


Noon        Mass

12:30p      LUNCH


1:15p                   Clergy Education

                              Seminarian Weeks (Sac/Santa Rosa and SF) / SF Clergy Days                                           Financial Evaluation

                                       Pre and Post and Evals

                                      Revisions? Suggestions?

                                       Next Step


2:15            Website Update


3:15            Outreach and Focus for 2014

                             Target Audiences

                             Events / Conferences

                              Venue and Format

4:15            Newsletter Planning

                              Winter 2014 (Facebook edition?)

                              Spring 2014

                              Summer 2014

 Fall 2014


 4:45p         Announcements

5p               Closing Prayer                                                    Archbishop Cordiloene