Agenda Conf Call 3-25-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting

Conference Call              March 25, 2013                     8:00pm-9:00pm                    

Call 1-888-296-6500 (guest code 846303)     Or   1-913-227-1219 (same guest code)

8pm     Welcome / Roll Call

Opening Prayer                                                                                          Fr. Illo

Review / Revise / Adopt Minutes of Feb. 25, 2013 conference call meeting

Review / Revise / Adopt Agenda  

1)      Newsletter Spring Edition

2)      Mass Cards

3)      Santa Barbara CMA Conference

4)      Directors and Officers Insurance

5)      April 27th Inglewood Board Meeting


            Outreach to EE, locally and at National meeting in August in Spokane(Fr. G presenting)


            Outreach to dioceses (reaching out to Bishops to provide programs to seminarians, clergy, catechists, etc)


            Newsletter planning for remainder of 2013


            CMA Meeting in Santa Barbara (Fr. Illo has reached out to physician hosting to offer ourservices as speaker, exhibitor, providing a brochure for their packets, etc) 

6)      Website

9:00pm            Closing Prayer                                                                         Fr. Gonzalez               

Next Meeting: April 27th at St. John Chrysostom, Inglewood 9a-4p