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Featured Favorites

Examining the Difference Between NFP and Contraception by Thomas Cavanaugh, PhD

Let’s compare natural family planning (NFP) with contraception. This... Read More

One Sequoia After Another by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

“One sequoia after another!” texted my friend, Fr. Richard McDonald... Read More

The Brave New World Post-Roe by George Delgado, MD

The infamous Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions, that... Read More

Surfing as Prelude to NFP by Gary Schuberg

Before you scoff at this notion, be mindful that one of the world’s finest... Read More

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Ask The Expert

Progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone

Dear Doctor, Is there a difference in labs testing for progesterone vs.... Read More

Estradiol and Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause

Dear Doctor, I would like to know your thoughts regarding taking estradiol... Read More

Charting after Uterine Ablation

Can a client still chart after an uterine ablation for excessive bleeding?... Read More

Questions About Morning After Pill

Hello, I am the Nurse Manager at a California Pregnancy Counseling Center... Read More

Periods Intolerable Since Tubal Ligation

I am 32 years old and live in Nebraska in a small town where there isn’t... Read More

Long Term Health Issues of Chronic Low Progesterone

Hi—I was diagnosed with low progesterone, after noticing ongoing... Read More

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My NFP Story

Twists & Turns in My Journey to Learn NFP by Michelle Borba

As I reflect on my married life and think about all the extreme viewpoints... Read More

How NFP Has Blessed My Marriage And Strengthened My Walk With God During This Struggle Called Life by Bill Rodda

“The life of man upon earth is warfare.’ So said Job many centuries... Read More

NFP: Plot Twists From the Great Director and Scriptwriter by Kristy Tucker

Change the channel! NOW! Please!” I yelped, burying my face in my hands “You... Read More

One Guy’s Challenges by John Brennan

My wife Cassandra and I were married May, 1, 1993. From the beginning of... Read More

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